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Bigger than basketball.

@aswbl3 Powered By @urbanfetes The entire season & of course the grand finale Championship night fed my soul after being too thirsty with the uncertainty of this pandemic Super blessed to be back like we never left. Tremendous thank you to my village, that again helped pull this amazing season off. Everyone whom contributed!

Basketball saved me! I know it’s saved plenty others & I’ll ensure it continues to save more + more of us. Bigger than basketball. #Dreams #ChiTown #Unity #Love #Heal #Youth #Community #GirlsHoopToo #WomenHoopToo

“ The Game Of Basketball Has Been Everything To Me. My Place Of Refuge, Place I’ve Always Gone Where I Needed Comfort & Peace. It’s Been The Site Of Intense Pain & The Most Intense Feelings Of Joy & Satisfaction. It’s A Relationship That Has Evolved Over Time, Given Me The Greatest Respect & Love For This Game. “ - Michael Jordan

Just a kid from #TheBronx #Harlem With Big Dreams. Over a decade… ChiTown is home too!


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